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Type: TV
Length: 13 episodes
Genre: Action
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Ikki Tousen


Hakufu Sonsaku transfers to a new school, Nanyo Academy. There, she learns about her destiny as a fighter involved in a turf war between schools.


Ikki Tousen is a fighting show full of panty shots and fan service. The show is quite average all around, but kept me interested, and the copious fan service certainly helped.

The show is all about fighters from different schools battling it out. The fighting is intense and violent, which I liked. The show is full of panty shots and clothes get ripped apart as the girls fight. The fights are just average fare though; nothing all that special here. There are some good looking moves, but there are also some still frames and mediocre direction. I thought it was stupid how Hakufu has a habit of getting her butt kicked at the beginning of a fight, but she then goes into an unconscious rage when "it" comes out and annihilates her opponent.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms is the backbone of the story. Characters are named after those in the book, and the sacred beads of each fighter binds them to their destiny. Their fates play a big role because they know how their past selves were defeated based on the novel, so they are constantly trying to escape their fate. I am not familiar with Romance of the Three Kingdoms, so all these references didn't mean much to me, but it is explained in the show.

It jumps right in without really introducing the lead Hakufu, she's kind of stupid but has an outgoing personality and loves to fight. A lot of the characters appear malevolent at first, but are generally good when all said and done. Overall, I felt it did a decent job with the characters and telling their stories, though I wasn't excited about any of them.

I'd say the animation quality is slightly above average. The character designs feel a bit dated and flat, and the artwork can look a bit off in some places. Episode 11 had some questionable animation that looked outsourced and even had a disappearing hand. Oops. It has an awesome opening song with bits of rap, and good accompanying animation. The ending song is ok, but the animation is boring.

The show is more than just fan service; there is a story here, and some decent fight scenes. It's totally watchable for those who want or don't mind fan service, but it's pretty average. It tells a mostly complete story here, but definitely open for more should you choose to continue watching the other seasons.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

Content content grade

Some profanity.

Very violent, with intense, bloody fights. Some fighters are killed.

Tons of detailed panty shots, some detailed nudity, sex, and rape.