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Type: TV
Length: 12 episodes
Genre: Magical Girl
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Vividred Operation


In the near future, a perfect energy source called the Manifestation Engine is created. It relays energy throughout the world using satellites in space. Suddenly, an unknown enemy known as the "Alone" begin trying to destroy the manifestation Engine. It is up to Akane and her friends to protect this energy source using a technology her grandpa developed called the Vivid System. It allows them to transform and use new offensive abilities to combat this new enemy.


Vividred Operation is good, lighthearted fun. There is never a dull moment as the pacing between scenes keeps things interesting and lively. And while the story lacks originality and is predictable, I didn't mind because the show is just so darn fun.

Most episodes have the girls fighting an Alone to defend the Manifestation Engine. The girls fly around the sky using the rocket boots which give some of the fight scenes a great sense of action to them and look fantastic. In the end though, it usually involves another girl merging into one (or "docking") with Akane to finish off the enemy. While the girls don't technically use magic, it has all the characteristics of the magical girl genre, but with more fanservice.

The main girls are all enjoyable enough, though the show never fully capitalizes on some aspects of the characters or story. The first few episodes introduce the high-spirited lead Akane and the other girls who join the team to battle the Alone. The next episodes develop them a bit, and then it wraps the story up with the last few. Before I knew it the show was over, but like they say, time flies when you're having fun.

The animation quality is excellent. The fluid animation and bright color palette bring the show alive. I really like the character designs and the artwork is consistently good. There is only a bit of recycled animation for attacks, and transformations are cut to a minimum after their first time. CG is used for for ships, planes, and intermittently even the characters. However, the CG looks good and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb like some other shows. In fact, they did such a good job I had a hard time telling if some scenes were standard animation or not. The opening scene is good with a catchy tune - one I can watch again and again. There are six different ending themes.

There is quite a lot of fanservice of junior high school girls. The transformations have the girls in their underwear, their school uniforms are comprised of short shorts, there are several butt shots, a beach episode, and even some detailed nudity.

Vividred Operation is a fun, energetic show. This show will never be considered a classic, but for me it hit all the right notes. I want more. Recommended.
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Written by Marc Frost on

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Some fighting, mostly against the Alone. Not that violent at all.

Quite a bit of fanservice: panty shots, short-shorts, swimsuits, and some detailed nudity (during transformations, plus a couple bath scenes).