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Type: TV
Length: 24 episodes
Genre: Action
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Strike Witches


An alien race called Neurois have invaded Earth. Girls with magical abilities join the army using Striker Units that allow them to fly and fight the Neurois. Yoshika Miyafuji joins the 501st Joint Fighter Wing, defending Britannia.


In 1939, an alien force invades Earth, and the only thing that can stop them are underage magical girls who don't wear pants.

Strike Witches has a very straightforward story that goes absolutely nowhere. The show is basically full of filler-ish character episodes like testing a modified engine that can break the sound barrier, finding treasure at the beach, a dog fighting competition, and an episode where a girl's panties go missing. A Neurois appears for the witches to fight in every episode. The show starts to show signs of developing an intelligent story at the end of the first season, but the second season completely disregards this development. It simply continues telling its mindless episodic tales and the story once again goes absolutely nowhere. What a let down. The Neurois are faceless CG enemies that appear in various aircraft shapes, shooting laser beams and destroying cities. By the end of the series, we still don't know why they're here or what they want.

I didn't really like any of the characters all that much, and the fact there there are 11 girls in the squad didn't help either. There are just too many characters, and the character-focused episodes are plain and uninteresting. It is an episodic show, but overall the characters do show a bit of progression and development. Also worth noting is that when the girls use their magic, their cat/fox/bunny ears pop out. They're just for show; it's never mentioned why each girl has cute animal appendages.

There is fanservice in nearly every scene because the girls don't wear pants. There are several crotch shots. You will also see every girl's nipples because there are a number of bath scenes. All the fanservice makes the show more watchable than it otherwise would have been since there isn't much of a story.

The animation is good, if not great. The action is pretty good, although not quite as exciting as it could have been. The girls have magical abilities which allow them to pilot the Striker Units and take flight. The girls fly around the air, shooting their machine guns and using their magic shields to deflect the enemies' laser attacks. It just seems flying through the sky while unloading your magazine into an alien ship would be more exhilarating than it is depicted here. The first season is animated by Gonzo, and the second season by AIC. Overall, I'd say the second season looks a bit better overall, but it's nearly impossible to see that a different animation studio took over. In the second season, the characters are done in CG when flying at a distance. They did a great job with it since it can be hard to notice the switch from traditional hand drawn animation and is better than the white smoke lines used in the first season. The beginning and ending episodes of each season have the best looking stuff, as usual.

At it's best, it's distracting enough to pass the time. But this is a dull show, and my mind would occasionally wander while I watched it because it's just not that captivating. Save your money and time and skip this.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

Content content grade

Very little.

Some occasional blood, but nothing that violent.

Quite a bit of detailed nudity and tons of fanservice because the girls don't wear pants. There are also a couple beach episodes.