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Type: TV
Length: 24 episodes
Genre: Action
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Qwaser of Stigmata


Qwasers are alchemists that master the control of different elements like iron, copper, sodium, and chlorine. A faction known as Adepts are after a lost icon, the legendary Theotokos of Tsarytsin, which contains the power of God. Battles between Qwasers and Adepts are about to begin as they search the last known place for this icon: St. Mikhailov Academy High School.


Sucking girl's breast milk to increase attack power. What will they come up with next?

The show has a decent start, but with every episode it becomes more and more mediocre. The story goes nowhere and the character interactions aren't worth watching. The protagonists spend nearly the entire show searching for the Theotokos of Tsarytsin to gain the ultimate power. Yeah, not very original. They try to make the story appear better than it is by using big words, questioning character's loyalties, and obscuring some story-related discussions, but don't let that fool you. This is a simple "find the secret item to gain ultimate power" story that goes nowhere. The show revolves around sucking girl's large, voluptuous nipples as they moan in pleasure.

Another big issue is the show has way too many characters and they are poorly defined. I never grew attached to any of them. The main character, Mafuyu is bland and her adopted sister Tomo is an airhead with giant breasts. The main fighting character, Alexander Hell, who goes by Sasha, tries hard to be a cool tough guy with his cold and quiet demeanor. Sasha often tells characters that they are pathetic because can't take control and do it themselves. However, he is just a hypocrite because he can't do anything without the soma from girls, and he often needs help from other characters to defeat enemies. I don't find him likeable because he is an arrogant teenage brat.

The fanservice is through the roof. There is tons of detailed nudity and breast sucking happens once or more every episode. Nearly every female character introduced gets milked. There are also several other sexual situations.

Animation is slightly above average for a TV series. The character designs are good, but the artwork is a bit off at times. As with many anime, the first few episodes look better than the rest. There isn't any recycled footage for attacks, however, none of the fight scenes stand out as being particularly well done. The action here is generally short-lived and pretty ho-hum. The two openings have the best action scenes in the show. There are also two ending themes, which emphasize the fan service aspect.

In the end, this show has nothing going for it outside the fanservice. It is interesting for the first few episodes but it quickly begins to lose its appeal because of the bad story and weak characters. Skip this one.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

Content content grade

Some profanity.

Lots of fighting, very violent and lots of blood at times.

Lots of detailed nudity, breast sucking, oral sex, panty shots, and sexual situations.