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Type: TV
Length: 24 episodes
Genre: Action, Fantasy, Adventure
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Queen's Blade


Women from around the continent are traveling to Gynos to fight in the Queen's Blade, a tournament held every 4 years to determine the next queen. Only the strongest most beautiful woman will win, and she will rule the land.


Queen's Blade is an action anime full of fanservice. It features tons of women fighting in a tournament to secure the thrown. The show is entertaining enough while watching, but in the end, it's totally forgettable.

The cast of Queen's Blade is very large. Our heroine, Wandering Warrior Leina, simply doesn't receive the attention that a protagonist should. She isn't unlikeable, but she doesn't have much purpose. This story is less about her than it is the Queen's Blade Tournament. Don't expect any meaningful development from the other characters or to be attached to them, they are just there for the fanservice.

In fact, the first thing you will notice about Queen's Blade is that it's a sleazy show. Fanservice and nudity is everywhere. There's a woman that squirts acid from her nipples, one with a live snake for underwear, an elf that doesn't wear underwear, an angel who constantly flashes her polka dot panties, and a nun who battles by taking the most sexually suggestive poses imaginable, to name a few. Clothes come off as fights unfold. Yes, these characters were designed for fanservice.

The first season is all about introducing the characters and them traveling to the capital, Gynos. The second season steps up the action as the Queen's Blade fights officially begin. This season was more entertaining than the first, which was mainly character introductions and setup.

The animation is great and features excellent artwork that looks absolutely beautiful at times. There are scenes where the animation looks incredibly smooth, so it's a shame the fights aren't more exciting. Queen's Blade features a sufficient amount of swordplay which can look good, but generally lacks the choreography needed to make the action scenes stand out. Also, inserting character stories and memories into the middle of a fight is simply ridiculous for a fighting show. Plus, the fact that practically no one dies doesn't help either.

A weak story, shallow characters and mostly unremarkable fights make Queen's Blade a below average show. It's entertaining enough, but there is so much wasted potential. However, if you want fanservice, then you'd be hard-pressed to find a show with more than Queen's Blade.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

Content content grade

Very little profanity.

A lot of fighting duels that can be pretty intense.

Tons of detailed nudity and some sexual situations.