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Type: TV
Length: 12 episodes
Genre: Romance
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Photo Kano


A new year of high school is beginning and Kazuya's father recently gave him his camera. Kazuya brings it to school and begins photographing events and decides to join the photography club. Of course, all the girls seem to have a thing for Kazuya.


Photo Kano is all about beautiful high school girls in school uniforms, swimsuits, gym shorts (burumas), leotards, and tennis uniforms. Kazuya joins the photography club, which is made up of perverts waiting for their next "shutter chance!" to take sexy pictures of girls at school from every angle.

The first four episodes introduce all the characters and sets up the episodic character episodes that follow. The girls include his childhood friend, a girl on the baseball team, a gymnast, his senpai, and of course, his little sister. Whether it's trying to please everyone or just giving every girl a chance to shine by letting him "win" all the girls, it isn't the best format. It doesn't make sense, it's predictable, and one episode is too short. Yes, it's sweet, but the repetitive nature of them diminishes their impact. And how much you enjoy these episodes will depend on how much you like the girl it is focusing on. As a reward for sitting through these boring character episodes, you get to see the girl in her swimsuit or other revealing outfits.

For the most part, there really isn't anything here that is very enjoyable, so you're stuck waiting for the next bit of fanservice. The character episodes suck. In one of them its basically a girl who claims to hate having her picture taken, but allows Kazuya to take as many as he wants (in her buruma, nonetheless). In the episode, she goes on to explain that people only smile because their picture is being taken, but how that is a fake smile. Really? BORING. In another episode, we learn about Mai, a gymnast. She has been on a special diet for years, therefore she can't eat fried foods and can't remember what katsudon tastes like. She asks Kazuya to eat it for her and explain the flavor to her. These are the lifeless tales this show presents. She is cute though so the whole time you are just waiting for her to appear in her leotard because fanservice is all this show is good for when the character interactions are so retarded.

The first couple episodes have good animation. A lot of the other episodes look pretty poor. It doesn't necessarily look cheap, but there is just not a whole lot of movement going on. There are a lot of still shots which look really nice and makes sense since this show is about photography. It has some good colors and good female character designs. Some of the male characters, including the main character, can look quite nerdy. It also has some beautiful backgrounds.

Photo Kano has quite a bit of fanservice, and that's really the only thing this show has going for it. There is simply nothing else here. Totally forgettable.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

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Lots of fanservice. High school girls in swimsuits, buruma, and leotards. Some upskirt shots of girls in their tennis uniforms. Some brief breast fondling.