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Type: TV
Length: 24 episodes
Genre: Action
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Sometime in the 21st century, World War III erupts. Several cities in Japan are nuked.

Fifty years later, people who inhabited this nuclear site begin to appear. They have supernatural powers, like fire, wind, and gravity. The term 'Needless' refers to those with powers.


Needless is a standard shonen action show. I quite enjoyed the first half or so of Needless, but getting into the later episodes, the fun wore off, the animation quality drops, and it begins feeling stale. The series is basically non-stop fighting, with one fight scene after another. The individual fights do last awhile (an episode or more), but don't feel like they drag on super long. Needless is pretty heavy on the humor, too, and got me to chuckle a bit.

Blade's power is that he can learn the power of his enemies once they use their ability. Eve's power is she is a doppelganger and can take different shapes of people or objects. She is fun, crazy, and at times adorable. I really liked her. Cruz, the main character, is the brains of the group, he tries to solve puzzles and find a way out of situations since he doesn't have any powers. He's is a good kid, but is kind of bland. I did like some of the characters, but felt like they could have used more real development. The show would be better off if it wasn't always caught up in fight after fight and spent some more "down time" getting to know the characters. Yes, I enjoyed the characters for the most part, but there is no payoff.

The characters are pretty shallow, and initially I was fine with that since the show strives to be fun, not deep. But once I reached the end, I realized that while I had fun in the beginning half, there was no pay-off in the ending. I felt disappointed; I expected the characters to come more full circle. Still, I guess it's more about the journey than the destination, and overall it was average. The first half was good, but I lost interest in the second half.

The fights are pretty awesome and when the action heats up, Needless delivers. I am very satisfied with some of the action in this show, and I can't say that for a lot of action anime out there. Well, for the first half of the show, anyways, where the fights are more fluid and the scenes more lighthearted and fun. In later episodes, the animation quality and fights aren't nearly as good looking, which is a huge disappointment. Also, it is kind of stupid how the enemy stands and waits while the good guys are discussing a strategy to defeat them due to the enemies' unique Needless powers. The fights are over-the-top - where a powerful punch will send the opponent flying into a concrete wall.

There isn't much of a story, the setup basically allows for the characters to get into one fight after another. There are some filler-ish episodes like where the Simeon Girls Squadron and Eve navigate through a booby-trapped mansion. But these episodes were still fairly enjoyable. I didn't enjoy the later episodes as much, there is too much talking and not enough fluid, fighting fun like it had in earlier episodes. Many of the characters in the last few episodes are just standing there and commenting. The ending itself felt rushed and left me feeling a bit underwhelmed, with its "well, that's it" conclusion.

The show is quite heavy on the fan service. Just like the priest says, "There's always room for more panty shots." There are lots of panty shots, and also ripped clothing during fights that barely covers the naughty bits. The first opening is very good and the first ending is one of the best anime endings ever. The second opening and ending aren't quite as good. It also has an awesome metal soundtrack during fights.

The bright colors and thick lines give it a unique style that looks great. Visually, Needless looks good in the first half and average in the second half. The artwork might be a bit sloppy at times, but it makes up for it with some kickass fights. In episode 15, there is a fight scene where the artwork and style is way off. I am not sure if it was for comedy or what, but it looks so incredibly awful that I wanted to assume it was for laughs, but I don't think that was the case. The whole episode kinda sucks compared to what came before. The following episode's animation isn't quite as good as others either, and until the end of the show it never really recovers. The show can be quite violent, but even so it still has a cartoony feel so it doesn't come across too dark.

I had fun with this show in the beginning, but the further it got the less interested I became. It's alright, but I can't give it my recommendation.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

Content content grade

Some profanity and sexual humor.

Quite violent with lots of fighting and blood and some fighters get holes in their chests.

Lots of panty shots and girls in torn up clothing. Some undetailed nudity. A brief, and fairly explicit, sex scene.