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Type: TV
Length: 12 episodes
Genre: Comedy, Romance
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Ladies Versus Butlers


Akiharu Hino, recently transferred to Hakureiryou Academy, taking "service study" to become a butler. There, he gets into all sorts of craziness and misunderstandings with his fellow female classmates.


Ladies Versus Butlers is a romantic comedy heavy on fanservice. In the first episode, Tomomi says how much fun it will be with Akiharu now attending the school. But really, it's not that much fun. While the show did make me chuckle a few times, it's really just the fanservice alone that prevents the show from being a complete waste.

The one-dimensional characters didn't do anything for me. Selenia, often referred to as "drill" for her long blonde locks that resemble drills, is a "tsundere" type character who is constantly upset or fired up about something. Akiharu's childhood friend, Tomomi, is a reserved yet mischievous girl, always plotting something against Akiharu or Selenia. These two girls are competitive because of their mutual attraction for Akiharu. Other side characters include the clumsy maid Sanae, who always slips and ends up in compromising positions; Pina, a classmate who cosplays as her favorite magical girl anime character; and Kaoru, a flat-chested girl who who dresses as a boy to hide her gender, to name a few.

The show is comprised of mostly silly, fillerish character episodes that don't amount to anything. In one, Akiharu helps 19 year old loli high school girl who is trying to catch a cat. In another episode, Akiharu is trapped into getting engaged with a foreign transfer student. Misunderstandings and fanservice abound. There is a constant onslaught of fanservice with several bath scenes, panty shots, and sexual situations. As one of the characters in the show claims, "sexual harassment is a crime," so it's a good thing Akiharu has the worst (best) luck in the world and accidentally falls into all these situations.

The animation is about average. I didn't have any issues with it, but it rarely impressed me. Artwork is usually decent as well, although it can look off at times. The eye catches are a waste. Just a big X on the screen instead of good character shots like other shows do. The opening and ending are both pretty forgettable as well.

A few scenes were well played, but overall, this is a boring show, with primitive storytelling that you would expect from a fanservice-centric show. The ending doesn't resolve the love triangle, and the climax ends up being very disappointing. There are shows out there that have a lot of fanservice and are more enjoyable than this. Don't waste your time with Ladies Versus Butlers.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

Content content grade

Very little to no profanity. Some sexual innuendo.

Only slapstick violence, nothing to be worried about.

Lots of fanservice, panty shots, and detailed nudity. There are also some sexual situations.