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Type: TV
Length: 13 episodes
Genre: Action
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A normal high school student, Yashiro Isana, is enjoying school life until he gets attacked by the Red King's clansmen. They claim he murdered one of their own and have the video proof to back it up. Shiro finds himself in the middle of a fight between kings as he discovers the truth about himself.


The first thing you will notice about K is that it looks absolutely stunning. I'd go as far to say that some parts look on par with theatrical anime films. It's just that good. The animation is fluid without ever looking like they cut corners. The character designs are gorgeous and the artwork is impeccable. The show also has an incredible use of color, with stunning backgrounds and cool futuristic touches. There is also some CG used on cars, trains and backgrounds and it fits well. I really enjoyed the opening and ending.

It took me a few episodes to get a grasp on the story, setting, and characters because it throws you into the middle of what is basically a "gang war" between kings. On top of that, there is a mystery revolving around the murder of one of the Red King's clansman. Still, it tells an interesting story and kept me coming back for more after each episode. My only real complaint is that after all the buildup to last fight, it was a let down. It has a strong ending, but with how good the action is in other episodes, I was expecting a showdown.

I enjoyed the cast, which is mostly made up of cool, handsome males. I quite like the main character and his peaceful demeanor. The character that sticks out from the rest is Shiro's cat, which can transform into a girl who is usually seen running around naked. However, she does play a role in the story. The show is ambiguous about who exactly these seven kings are and we only see some of them here.

K is pure eye candy and thankfully the rest of the show holds up. It wraps up the story it is telling here, but this series has a ton of potential and I would love to see more. Recommended.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

Content content grade

Some profanity, including the F word.

Some fighting with blood, but nothing super violent.

Lots uf undetailed nudity from the cat girl and a few panty shots from another character.