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Type: TV
Length: 13 episodes
Genre: Comedy, Drama
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Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl


Makoto moves into his aunt Meme's house after his parents head overseas for work. He finds he has a beautiful cousin he never knew he had. She is a strange one, however, claiming to be an alien and constantly wrapping herself in a futon to cut herself out from society. Makoto transfers to a new high school in this bigger city and makes new friends.


Bicycles, baseball, and aliens. Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl is a slice of life drama, with some quirkiness and a focus on aliens that helps set it apart. Good writing and meaningful scenes make this a more interesting show than a lot of other anime whose content amounts to no more than mindless silliness.

The show is very enjoyable to watch. There were a few episodes I didn't think were as strong as the others, though. The early episodes spend time with Makoto trying to convince his cousin she isn't an alien and get her involved in society again. The later episodes spend time developing the characters over summer break as they place baseball, have a sleep over, and build water rockets.

While there isn't much story, it still comes across as a somewhat special show thanks to the strength of the dialogue and character interactions, which demand your attention. There are some truly great moments in this show that are handled so well, like Makoto's and Ryuko's first phone call. It was also laugh-out-loud funny at times, a lot the comedy really struck a chord with me, and I typically don't find most anime very funny. Makoto thinks his cousin is nuts, saying "This is how God created us all equal. She's way, way too beautiful, so He corrected that by taking away a lot of her brain."

Our main character, Makoto, is one of the best male protagonists I can think of. He's very likeable with a good sense of humor. Being able to hear his thoughts throughout the show goes a long way in making him a well-rounded character. The rest of the cast is made up of beautiful girls. His cousin Erio is the silent, shy type. She doesn't attend school because of events in her past and constantly wraps herself in a futon as an escape. Makoto's aunt, Meme, is the exact opposite of her daughter Erio. She has a lot of energy and is a fun character. Early in the show, Makoto becomes friends with two girls from his new school, Ryuko and Maekawa. Ryuko is a cute, silly, and lively girl with a clear interest in Makoto. Maekawa is a tall girl with a mellow personality who is constantly cosplaying as strange animals. She has a thing for Makoto too, though it's not as obvious.

The series benefits from good animation and great artwork. The beautiful character designs, girly personalities, and cute poses will make you scream "moe!" However, I think the characters look weird when they do a closed mouth smile. The opening and ending are excellent, and fit the show well.

The last episode ends on a feel-good note, but it's certainly open for more. It doesn't feel unfinished, but I would love to see it continued. Overall, Ground Control to Psychoelectric Girl is a good show. I look forward to rewatching it again in the future.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

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One rather detailed panty shot in the first episode from Erio. A few "almost there" upskirt shots, and Erio's dress in the last episode is translucent on the bottom half for a few scenes.