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Type: TV
Length: 26 episodes
Genre: Mecha
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Just as Goh Saruwatari and Anna Aoi are saying their marriage vows, the Mimetic Beasts attack Japan and Goh is forced into action as the acclaimed pilot of Dannar. Anna quickly starts training as a robot pilot herself, piloting the Neo Okusaer. These two robots can merge into one powerful Robot, the Godannar. Together, they fight to rid the Earth of the Mimetic beasts.


Godannar pays homage to old school robot anime. The male and female robots combine to become a more powerful machine, pilots scream their attack names when pulling them off, and the opening theme sings the praises of the giant robot Godannar.

Getting into the first few episodes, I was enjoying it quite a lot. It's fast paced, has some great action scenes and is full of energy. Unfortunately, mostly everything that followed could not live up to the fun and excitement of the first few episodes. In the end we have a show that is flawed in many ways.

Godannar's storytelling is too straightforward and doesn't have much substance or progression. I didn't care for the story, and felt that a major aspect of the plot doesn't fit for a mecha show. Additionally, Godannar spends quite a bit of time on silly interactions between side characters which aren't all that interesting. This is a by the numbers mecha show, and I was bored with it. Still, it does tell a complete story and has a decent ending.

The action ranges from good to below average depending on the episode, but overall it's pretty average fare. I didn't really enjoy the action all that much. Aside from the recycled finishing attacks, most of the action feels uninspired and dull. There is just far too much reused animation in this show, and it's annoying. You will see the take-off, combining and finishing attacks nearly every episode. Then you have scenes like when Anna is piloting her robot, Neo Okusaer, and uses her Angel Bullet attack where the robot stands in once place firing a machine gun from its wrist and there is no movement or recoil. Finally, they use the same move to finish off every enemy which isn't very exciting.

The main characters, Goh, a big macho pilot, and Anna, a sweet high school girl, don't make a good couple. They are constantly fighting, which makes their scenes together more frustrating than anything and I just didn't care after awhile. The show constantly questions Goh's and Anna's relationship, and there is not much development between them throughout the series, but when it does happen it feels superficial and fake. In season 2 we are introduced to Anna's childhood friend as a potential love interest. However, going simply by his unusual look, you know Anna isn't going to choose him over Goh, so why even bother with this pointless development?

The show has quite a bit going on with all the different characters, from the main pilots to the repair crew who are mainly comic relief, but it doesn't do much with them. Pilots in male and female pairs from other countries like the United States, Russia and China are given a few episodes here and there. I found these characters to be flat and uninteresting. And of course, there is a loli character, Lou. The characters are highly sexualized, especially the females. The show is heavy on fanservice, there is even some from the female robots. I saw those solid steel robot boobs bounce at least once.

The animation is excellent in the first couple episodes and good in the next few. The animation quality drops starting in episode 5 onward, which is disappointing, yet somewhat expected for a TV series. Overall, the animation quality is poor, and the artwork looks inconsistent and off more often than it should. I love the official character designs, but the artwork here just feels cheap a lot of the time. Throw in ton of recycled animation, episode 10's two super long panning scenes, a few too many flashbacks, and a recap episode and you know the budget for this show was tight. Actually, the animation bugged me because it looked too cheap at times to where it stood out and was distracting. I favored the first season's opening and ending over the second's because the songs aren't as good and they're mostly made up of recycled animation.

I didn't enjoy Godannar very much. I really do feel a big reason for my lack of enjoyment is just the dull, lifeless animation that relies too much on recycled footage. I quite enjoyed the first few episodes, but the animation drop and frustrating characters took the life out of the series. On top of that, the story didn't move in a direction that was very interesting to me. I had to force myself through this series, and always felt there was something better I could be watching instead.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

Content content grade

A little profanity.

Fairly violent. It's mostly robot vs giant monster, but it can get intense.

Lots of fanservice. Panty shots, revealing outfits, detailed nudity, and bouncing breast.