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Type: TV
Length: 26 episodes
Genre: Action
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Blue Seed


The Aragami have awoken and begin been appearing around Japan. Momiji Fujimiya is one of the Kushinada twins, a descendant of Princess Kushinada. Her blood has the power to save Japan from the Aragami creatures, if she is killed or sacrifices her life. However, if the Aragami kill her within a ceramic field, then there is nothing that can stop the Aragami from destroying Japan. The Terrestrial Administration Center (TAC) takes Momiji into their care to protect her and attempts to stop the Aragami from destroying Japan.


For a majority of the series, Blue Seed is a monster of the week show and is fairly episodic. Kusanagi and TAC find themselves fighting an Aragami in most episodes. Many of them advance the story or expand upon the characters, and the show stays pretty focused on the plot without too much filler. Most of these episodes are pretty decent, but the setup started to feel stale and repetitive about halfway through. Thankfully, the last quarter of the series really brings Blue Seed together and makes what was a good show an almost great one.

The show does do a decent job developing Momiji and her relationship with Kusanagi. Momiji is strong willed, yet a bit of a clutz. She is a middle school girl who is concerned with things like first kisses and dates. But she also tries hard to fulfill her role as a member of the TAC by locating Aragami and their Mitama (weak point) so the TAC can take them out. The other characters that make up the TAC are ok, but overall nothing too special. They never really break free from their character's scripted personality.

The show has pretty solid animation, especially for the time it was made, and is still very watchable today. However, episode 15 had some questionable animation. Some of the Aragami have some fantastic designs and can look pretty freaky, and the cell animation gives them an even more gritty feel. The action is pretty good, given the show's age. The opening theme "Carnival Babel" works well with the accompanying animation and the ending theme "Touch and Go" by Megumi Hayashibara is quite good as well.

In the end, I'd say this is a solid series, and a journey worth experiencing. Recommended.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

Content content grade

Some profanity.

Quite violent overall, with some grotesque-looking monsters, bloody fights and a few scenes of people getting ripped apart.

Momiji is in her shirt and panties during a large portion of the first 2 episodes. Then there is about 1 panty shot per episode in several episodes that follow. There is some undetailed nudity as well.