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Type: Movie
Length: 3 Movies @ 77 min., 98 min. & 113 min.
Genre: Action, Fantasy
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Berserk: The Golden Age Arc


Guts is a mercenary for hire. Griffith, leader of the Band of the Hawk, has had his eye on Guts. Guts ends up joining the mercenary group befriending Griffith, helping him fulfill his desire to have his own kingdom.


Berserk is a dark, violent fantasy series for adults only. The ultra-violent dismemberment, explicit sex, and tragic, stomach-turning eclipse scene makes this one of the most disturbing anime ever made. This movie trilogy, which covers the Golden Age Arc of the manga, is the perfect way to start the series because it starts at the beginning of the story. This is my first entry into the show; as of this writing I haven't seen the 90's TV series or read the manga.

This movie trilogy moves at a quick pace and kept me intrigued from beginning to end. A great mixture of a good story, character development, and some excellent action keeps things interesting. That said, there is some really gory and disgusting stuff in here and some scenes near the end are extremely tough to take in. This is not for everyone.

Animated by Studio 4°C, these movies are a mix of standard animation and CG, switching between the two fairly seamlessly from one scene to the next. The action is relentless with some excellent scenes. Watching Guts with his over-sized sword taking down groups of enemies all by himself is satisfying. It's probably thanks to the CG that they were able to make some good looking horse chases, show battles between armies, and display hordes of demons on screen at once. But at times, especially in close up face shots, it doesn't work out so well and can look awkward and distracting. Overall, these movies are well animated and look great.

The protagonist, Guts, is a quiet badass with a giant sword. Griffith is feminine in appearance with long white hair. As the leader, he is typically calm and collected. Casca is 2nd in command of the Band of the Hawk, and quite the fighter herself. She is attracted to Griffith. The movies do a good job creating memorable characters and moments.

If you just watch this and don't continue with the 2016 TV series or manga, then you may be left wanting after the end of the third movie. I'm very interested to see where the story goes from here. This is a solid fantasy series that comes recommended for those that can handle it.
Score: score
Written by Marc Frost on

Content content grade

Some profanity and sexual innuendo.

Extreme violence with decapitations, dismemberment and lots of blood. It also has scenes of brutal torture.

Detailed nudity, including genitals, from both male and female characters. A couple fully-depicted sex scenes and a brutal rape scene.

Adults Only.