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Type: TV
Length: 26 episodes
Genre: Sci-Fi
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In the year 0048, a group of girls join the idol group AKB0048 to try and make the selection as trainees and become idols after seeing them perform when they were kids. With an entertainment ban on several planets, these girls must fight to bring enjoyment to their fans wherever they are.


If you are into JPOP or idols then you will probably enjoy this show, otherwise this anime is probably not for you.

Watching the girls performing in sync to JPOP looks incredible. It does a great job of capturing that Japanese idol feel and really nails the concert scenes with some great choreography, cute outfits and excellent JPOP songs from the real Japanese idol group AKB48. The 3D models dancing in sync with catchy JPOP music is thrilling to watch. Concert scenes are a mix of standard animation and CG, but are mostly done in CG over hand drawn animation. The CG here works really well and doesn't feel out of place. The concert scenes are the highlight of this series.

There are tons of idols which can feel overwhelming in the beginning. The characters are likeable but the show tends to focus more on the story than the characters, which leaves them feeling a bit superficial. The story, which can be unfocused and uneven at times, kept me interested through it's run. At times it seemed like it wasn't sure what story it wanted to tell. Unfortunately, the abrupt ending leaves several mysteries unanswered. The character's desires to become a successor of a particular idol was not all that interesting to me, and entertainment being outlawed just doesn't make sense. I could have done without the CG mecha, but the girls fighting using "mic sabers" and other idol tools fits well.

Overall, the animation is pretty good. There are times were the character artwork can look a bit too simplistic or choppy during high motion scenes. I really like the character designs. The heart highlights in the idol's eyes and hair give them a unique design that work really well, and the show's use of bright colors looks really beautiful. The JPOP music is super catchy and features a number of songs, though some are repeated. AKB0048 looks and sounds great.

In the end, I enjoyed AKB0048 and feel it is worth watching for those into JPOP or idols. I'm a sucker for good JPOP, and the concert scenes here are like crack. Recommended.
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Written by Marc Frost on

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Some fighting, but nothing to be worried about.

Some bath scenes with a bit of undetailed nudity, swimsuit shots for PV's, and talk about breast size.